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We were Established in 1989, by Mr. Umesh Chandra and Amratlal Shah.We are leading manufacturers of all type of Control Valves India , Cocks & Pipe Fitting of the stainless steel, Cast steel, Cast iron, Gun-metal, Bronze and Forged steel suitable for use in Chemicals, Control valve manufacturers,Petro-chemicals, Ferilizers, Cement, Paper, Sugar, Rayon, Rasayan, Oil Refrigeration, Air-craft, Food & drug, Water treatment plant pipe line connection from the size 1/4" to 24" with ends connection of Flanged ends, Screwed ends, but Welds & Socket welds in accordance with ASA, DIN, BSS & ISS specification and pressure rating up to ASA, class 150,300 or DIN/KG/CM2 with IBR & NON IBR test certificate which please note.

As well we manufacturer all type of Control Valve Manufacturer and Equipment parts Bushes implier, Shaftings, Pin, Components kind of as per your trials and Blue prints,Only mending any type of Valves Manufacturing and machinery gear box, Worm wheel.

"Hope you will be convinced with the quality of our products and will try to implement these products in practice. In this context if you need any more information or clarification please feel free to contact us so that we can visit you personally."

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