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Beena Engineering’s mission is to discover and develop meaningful new valves and flow control systems that improves industries' total flow control infrastructure through providing best quality Control Valve Ahmedabad, India. Our company is started their business in the year of 1989 and specializing in solving problems that are occurred in some industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, paper & pulp industries, fertilizers, petro chemicals, and heavy water plants by supplying different types of control valves.

We are ongoing as diminutive but would be modern industrial valves designing and manufacturing entity. These days, our firm is renowned as a total valve elucidation providing corporation with ingenious & expanded valves. We provide standard, special and customized control valves manufacturer that all are available on demand for use in a wide range of applications and industries. Nowadays we pride ourselves is being one of the foremost and reputed valve company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Our organization has grown and achieved a trusted name in the industry, as our offered valves are developed with quality certified components and also having the advantage of matchless performance, durable construction, easy installation, hassle free operation and very minimal maintenance. All types of Industrial Valves that are manufactured by our company are highly demanded in the market due to their most significant attributes such as reliable usage, excellent strength and strong design. Our company also provides their industrial valves to their clients in different specifications and at their pocket friendly prices.

We have shrewd team of well qualified engineers who understands technological innovation is essential to our operational perfection. They have the manufacturing and technical expertise together with the facilities to address the diverse automation demands of the modern process industries. Our company is affianced in designing, developing and manufacturing a comprehensive range of Control Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Butterfly Valve, Manufacturer and other types of industrial valves for all processes like power generation and associated industries.

Well educated and experienced team of our company work together to strengthen the goals of our esteemed customers, which encourage us to understand their evolving requirements. To deliver the highest quality and hassle free operated valves, we have a trio of scrupulous staff, who are loyal to exceeding the requirements of producing hi-end industrial valves like globe valves, submersible check valves, Cylindrical Check Valve and many others. Apart from this, our command values and principles of concentrate on customer focused resolutions equip us to make sensible use of our assets and to build the long lasting relationship with our prestigious clients.The purpose of site is to announce and request you to kindly register our firm in your suppliers list and send us your regular enquiries for all type of our products.

Control Valve Manufacturer In Gujarat

Y Type Strainer Manufacturer In Gujarat

Let’s understand what is Y type Strain and how Y type strainer manufacturer in Gujarat works: For removing unwanted solid from liquid or by stem lines by means of a perforated or wire mesh straining element, the device Y type strainer are mechanically used.These strainers have the capability to remove all kinds of solids and other particles from steam easily . All the strainers have longer shell life and with no maintenance.We provide an extensive range of brass y strainers that can easily fulfill all demands of the our clients, we offer the best products to all our customers at competitive rates.

We provides Y strainer & T strainer in wide range with very low pressure and also with high corrosion for longer life span. We as a Y type Strainer manufacturer in Gujarat provides horizontal or inclined pipelines and screen housing pipelines. We as one of the best Y strainer manufacturer in Gujarat never suggest to install Y-type strainer on vertical pipelines with flow in upwards directions. In current market we are leading in Basket Type Strainer ,Conical Strainer, Duplex Strainer ,Simplex Strainer Manufacturer, Y-Type Strainer, Filtration Strainer manufacturer in 40 mesh,100 mesh, Pot strainer Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We are the most prestigious among this competitive industries for providing the best quality with ISO standard mark. Our Y strainer, basket strainer, simplex strainer and duplex strainer, has secured the top most rank in the India for its unequalled dimensional accuracy, performance, worthwhile and longevity aspects.

Rotary Joint Manufacturer In Ahmedabad

We can say Rotary Joints as Pivot joints trochoid joint. Openly portable joint that allows only rotary movement around a single axis. The moving bone revolves within a ring that is formed from a second bone and adjoining ligament. We are currently leading manufacturer of Rotary Joints H series, Rotary Joints S Series , Rotary Joints C series, Rotary Joints D series, Rotary joints J series in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Rotary Joint Manufacturer is used for preventing spilling or prevent its usage without wasting water. So primarily it reduced the wastage of water when one shift from hot to cold or vice versa. Basically, Rotary Joint Manufacturer In Ahmedabad is designed to save water form waste but in the due course it was developed to take other fluids too.We are located in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) and our well-developed web assists us in meeting the exact requirements of our clients. Purchase the best quality rotary joint that is the perfect outcome with innovative techniques.

Valves Supplier

There are multiple types of industrial valves such as gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, shut down valve, butterfly valves, check valves, pressure valves, diaphragm valves, etc which are used in various applications as per their function and principles. These are helps in handling the flow of liquids , gaseous and slurries, which is used in almost every industries. If you are finding a one of the best valves supplier in India , We Beena Engineering works are always ready to help you at your comfort level. Because your satisfaction is our satisfaction. To get the best valves manufacturer in surat , gujarat we are here to satisfy you needs according to your specifications. With quality, efficiency and prime customer support we design the valves with modern and latest technology of the world.


Control valves are utilized in numerous cycles to control stream, weight, temperature or different factors. The kind of valve utilized will rely upon the size of the line, the general weight that the framework works, the streaming media, measure conditions, and different elements. Globe valves are regularly utilized for control, and their finishes are normally flanged for simplicity of support. Contingent upon their kind of flexibly, the plate is moved by a water powered, pneumatic, electrical or mechanical actuator.


Cycle plants comprise of hundreds, or even thousands, of control entwines all organized to deliver an item to be offered available to be purchased. Every one of these control circles is intended to keep some significant cycle variable, for example, pressure, stream, level, temperature, and so on inside a necessary working reach to guarantee the nature of the final result.


Butterfly Valve

  • Wafer-style butterfly valves
  • 3 Lug-style butterfly valve

Plug Valves

  • Sleeved Plug Valves
  • Lubricated Plug Valves

Pinch Valves

  • Air Operated Pinch Valves
  • Automatic Pinch Valves

Pulp Valves

  • Industries Pulp Paper Valves

Globe valves

  • Straight Globe Valve
  • Bronze Globe Valves
  • Diagram Globe Valves

Ball Valve

  • V-2T Ball Valve
  • Double Trunnion Ball Valves
  • Lubricated Ball Valves
  • A standard port ball valvesV-2T Ball Valve

Diaphragm Valves

  • Manual Diaphragm Valves
  • Plastic diaphragm valves
  • Industrial Diaphragm Valves
  • Dia-Flo Weir Diaphragm Valve
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